Columbia: “They have this new stunt to keep inmates on lock-down….”

Excerpt from a letter sent by someone incarcerated at Columbia Correctional on 11/10/18:

“Well, allow me to give you an update on this slave plantation which have the brothers talking but doing nothing.
(1) The new warden and her regime has:
(A) taken the one extra day of rec we won less than a year ago
(B) She took our intramural basketball,hand ball,baseball,volleyball, bean bag
(C)She took our dayrooms no Sunday
(D)She still refuses to make a good faith effort to hire new staff, so my unit (unit-8) stays on lock-down. We have gone as long as 4 days straight without razors
(E) they have this new stunt to keep inmates on lock-down, whereas when you get a ticket they immediately put you on TLU in the cell, making you wait 21 days for a socalled investigation, knowing full well it will lead to 30 days of cell confinement.  So in all, they get 51 days of lock down out of you for a minor infraction. In the old days you’d ge out of your cell till your hearing, free to go to rec,church, groups, ect,ect
(F)  The food has gotten a lot worse than it was when   I first got here 6 years ago, because they are balancing their bloated budget on our black and brown backs.”


Conditions in the Wisconsin prison  system need to change.