Columbia Correctional COVID 19 Timeline

Sent to Milwaukee IWOC by MATTHEW SCHUMACHER (369487)

“You may post this publicly and with my name.

WEDNESDAY 3-18-2020: Still eating in the day room, but only 2 people at a table. 

 FRIDAY 3-20-2020: Recreation was held in the morning and afternoon. Had emergency count around 4pm and then had to eat in our rooms. Only tier tender and servery workers were allowed out to serve the food. And R&O was cleared out “9 cells,” which is going to be used to house anyone that has the symptoms or virus.

 SATURDAY 3-21-2020: Tier tender/servery workers only allowed out. Still eating in our rooms. Two memos passed out around 5:30 PM.

* DATE: 3-21-2020

   TO: CCI staff and Persons in Our Care

   FROM: Sue Novak, Warden

                 Columbia Correctional Inst.

   RE: Suspension of Administrative Rules

   Effective immediately, I am suspending administrative rules pursuant to DOC Administrative Code Section 309.22

   The purpose of this suspension of administrative rules is strictly precautionary. Maintaining the safety, health, and well being of staff and persons in our care is our priority. We will be evaluating this suspension on a regular basis in an effort to restore normal operations as soon as allowable.

  cc: Makda Fessahaye, DAI Administrator

        Douglas Percy,  DAI Assistant Administrator

        Stephanie Hove, DAI Assistant Administrator


   Facility Name: CCI                                 DATE: 3-21-2020

   An individual at your facility has been diagnosed as potentially having ( Name of Disease ) COVID 19, which can be transmitted by * airborne, * contact or, * droplet.

  Please refer to the Disease Fact Sheet from the Wisconsin Division of Public Health. If you identify as being in one of the risk groups, or develop any of the symptoms as identified on the fact sheet, you are to notify staff and request to see the Health Staff Promptly.

  You will not be charged a co payment for the HSU visit related to the above named disease.

  FR: HSUM Buchanan

   SUNDAY 3-22-2020: Tier tenders/servery workers allowed out. Started phone calls around noon.

   MONDAY 3-23-2020: Tier tenders/servery workers allowed out. Getting phone calls and razors. No word on infection being positive.

 * Should be noted that we are getting our food from the kitchen still and have been even after getting the memos. No word if they fully disinfected kitchen area. * And the Disease Fact Sheet I have not seen. It may be on our institutional channel, but you won’t be able to read it. For one, the channel is really fuzzy and secondly, the pages go by really fast.”