Trainings and How-To Guides

There are many different tactics that people can do to support specific goals and strategy involved with fighting prison slavery. Prisons are opaque and cut-off from the outside, and many of these tactics may be unfamiliar to you. This page links to different specific resources that help make this work easier in written, audio and video form. Understand that organizing is like any other learned skill. It takes time and practice to get good at it. Also, know that there are many important ways of helping the work along. If you don’t have time or the skillset to help with one particular kind of task, you can help with another. It is all important, and it is all necessary. Thank you for taking the time to help learn from our  to fight abuses in the prison system and help create a better world.

To get involved with this work, fill out our volunteer form here or email us at

To find out how to do email and phone zaps, go here. To find out how to organize others to call in email and phone zaps, go here.

To find out how to do open records requests and how to analyze information you get, go here for the long manual , go here for the short manual go here for audio recording of the interactive training and email us at to be part of the next interactive video-call open records training.

To see a how to guide and example on filing prison complaints while inside, see here:

To find out how to write responses to paper letter to people in prison, go here.

To find out how to delegate tasks, go here.

We want to constantly challenge ourselves to do better, and to learn how to be more effective at fighting against prison slavery. We know we don’t have all the answers, and are trying to learn, self-critique and improve. If you have an idea for how any of our trainings could be improved, or ideas for an additional trainings or additional tactic not covered on this site, please contact us with your ideas at