We aren’t cleaning everyday or allowed to sanitize our living quarters – 3/23/2020

 Awaken by my Clear Tunes,13inch t.v.to the words of covid19 claims another life in the Milwaukee area. My heart dropped because I have love ones who resides there. Still trying to focus on what I just heard the guard had to snap me out of it because it was standing count. 19 the guard would say, meaning there were 19 inmates accounted for. A few minutes later she will deliver medication to those who take them but I refused to take mine.I take medication for a disease I have called Ulcerative Colitis. Its like the cousin of Chrome Disease. I also deal with Asthma and high blood pressure. Yeah I’m all messed up at 39.

 Anyways, I feel like Bill Murray in that movie called Groundhogs Day. Its like the universe is trying to tell me something. Its a gift and curse thankful that he chose me to wake up, but a curse to see the struggles and pain of the world. My daughters are afraid and even though her life revolved around this new age way of communication. Now they’re missing that person to person contact. That’s how prison is to some of us. You never consider how important, people, places and things are to you, until you’re stripped from them. I hope this is a teaching moment for those who didn’t understand what its like to be isolated from the rewards of the world. How important it is to be able to be next to a love ones in these hard and scary times. 

  Just imagine experiencing these types of treatment for years at a time. Told when or if you can shower. Not getting enough to eat. Not being able to have those intimate moments with family and love ones. Not being able to get adequate health care, treatment for mental illnesses or physical damage.

Imagine not being able to attend a funeral of love ones. Your parents, your child; or pay the proper respect to a friend, you can’t because the law says you can’t.

  Imagine being constantly lied on and lied to. Beating up by staff and prisoners. Imagine being sexual assaulted, or tortured and nothing is done about it. It happens like you’re experiencing deja vu. Imagine being talk to like you’re ignorant, stupid, making you feel humiliated and inferior. Imagine being told you not worth spit and if something do happen that’s catastrophic We will be the first to die. 

  Theses are just something We experienced while lockdown  that led some men to taking their own lives. Governor Tony Evers says We( prisoners) will be given free phone calls Sat- Sun and allowed cleaning. We aren’t cleaning everyday or allowed to sanitize our living quarters. We aren’t getting free phone calls in the placement of lost visits. He continue to lie to the people and our love ones. We still haven’t heard any plans on how this prison  (CCIs) will deal with matters in regards to Our safety not just the guards.  We haven’t even seen the Warden, or her #2 or #3 in charge of operating this institution.

 Governor Tony Evers, is just not being truthful and up front with Wisconsinites. His focus ain’t on reducing the overcrowded prison population. He hasn’t pardon or released any inmates like he said he will do when he gets in office. He’s another fast talking, say whatever to get voters to vote for him, Democratic puppet. These reason why my elderly family member went out to vote for him was so he can help. I’ve been lock down since I was 24 and I’ll be 40 this year.My family voted for  Gov. Evers, because of his campaign on 1 Prison Reform 2 Education 3 Raising minimum wages.

Also the DAI is not demanding for the Prisons leaders to do what they said they will do seenew DOC policy. 

Things We are doing to keep safe:

  So  some of the things I’m doing as far as staying healthy, are practicing good hygiene. When I wake up in the morning, I wash my face, nose,ears, then brush my teeth. I only use one utensil, a spoon. I use this for all meals. I’m blessed to have this purex detergent that I use to wipe down my tracks of anything I come in contact with. I avoid touching my face,being anywhere close to guards when thy talk to me and when I go to bed I sleep with my head under the sheets.

 Next I start a work out with some guys I mentor who are on my tier. First,I run in place for ten minutes. Then do toe touches and arm rotations until the body feels lose. Then, I do five sets of thirty to fifty jumping jacks. I do six sets of fifty pushups. Then  four sets of twenty squats.  We do sit ups and arm exercising on opposite days. 

I’m reading this book right now by Catherine Ponder called ” The Dynamic laws of healing”  I’m also into writing poetry and rap to release my thoughts, on my pain and fears. Sometimes its heard to share what you feel in jail with others because people have their own struggles and battles and sometimes it can be used against you.  I focus on ways I can encouraged the young prisoners to use their creativity and and dream so big. We all share something in common that is our freedom for whatever that means to him or her. My freedom is from guilt of leaving my daughters out there without a father. My freedom is from the guilt of leaving my daughters mother out there alone. Mostly me freedom is from the cell, the size of a small bathroom, out into thee world where I can use what I’ve learn to do the best I can do for my family and my community.

  Some inmates have numbered their chess board and are playing each other from their cells. Some prisoners are having religious services and studies from their cells. Some  prisoners our into politics and are having educational debates on what’s happening in the race to the White house. Then others are trying to figure out ways we can help to assist the public. Some prisoners are on hunger strikes to bring awareness. And to support those free or in solitary confinement who are not eating by choice or no choice at all.  We want to donate blood to a blood bank and help make mask. 

Some of us are educating those who don’t know on what to do  to be safe. Avoiding contact with other inmates, cover your mouth when you sneeze. If you are sick cut a shirt or sheet and protect what you inhale. Be cautious when around older people. Always wash your hand for about twenty seconds. Drink plenty of water and if you feel like you’re infected fill out a health slip. Hopefully they don’t charged you but you never know. They lied about phone calls, and cleaning.

   Look we ain’t had showers since Sat. We haven’t clean since Sat or been able to wash our clothes since Thursday. We have not been able to put money on our tablet for emails. Those who are emailing already had money on their account or they had someone who was out “buss a move” for them. Its crazy that we have to ” buss moves” that should be automatically giving to us. Then we get in trouble for doing anybody would’ve done.