CO tests positive at CCI – 3/24/2020

On March 21st a correctional officer here at CCI was diagnosed as having covid-19. They will not release the name of this officer to the inmate population, and three separate officers have told me that they are refusing to to tell all correctional staff the name of the infected officer, citing HIPPA concerns. However, these same three officers have told me that we will be seeing certain officers wearing face masks, and these are officers known to have been in contact with the infected officer. Not knowing the name of the officer infected creates the scenario in which inmates are unable to report to any staff whether or not they have had any recent contact with the officer. At Waupun, a doctor was infected with covid-19 and any staff that had known contact with the doctor were ordered to go home to self quarantine, and the institution quarantined several inmates that had known contact. Why are the same guidelines not being used here at CCI? Why are officers known to have had contact still entering the institution and mingling with staff and working the buildings housing inmates? With the seriousness of this infection, and the rapid ability for it to spread, it baffles me as to why the administration here seems to not be taking it as serious as they should.

     We have been on lockdown here since it was reported a staff member had covid-19, and despite public affirmations that all DOC facilities were implementing strict cleaning practices, the only area getting cleaned is the day rooms, which the inmate population is not even using. Tiers are not being swept or mopped, showers have been cleaned only once, and we have been given a spray bottle of water to clean the one phone that all 20 inmates on the tier use.

     I think it to be important for the public have full disclosure as to what, and what not, the administration is doing during this crisis. Please post this, along with any other updates, to whatever outlets available. Thank you.