As of today I have been on quarantine for three days – 3/23/2020

As of today I have been on quarantine for three days. On Monday, March 30th, my celly demanded to be seen because he had concerns about having the Coronavirus. Not only was he showing symptoms such as fatigue, sore throat, discoloration of bags under his eyes, and intestinal discomfort, but he is also a Stage 3 cancer surviver, so his concerns are more legitimate. 

   In the three days that we have been quarantined in our cell, he has only been seen once, just the initial checkup when he first voiced his concerns, but here’s my problem— Not a single person, C.O., or Medical Staff, has asked me once how I’m doing, or if I’m feeling any symptoms. I have been on quarantine three days, and not one person has come to ask me a single question! Seriously?! 

   Whether my celly has Covid-19, or the flu, or just a common cold, or another virus of some sort, hey, I’m in here too, shouldn’t there be concern for the both of us? For all they know I could be asymptomatic, and could possibly get this man sick. Just yesterday I learned about other symptoms that can be Covid-19 related which were nausea, vomiting, and intestinal discomfort, including diarrhea, symptoms that I have been displaying. Granted that I having not actually vomited, but, on two separated occasions, I felt the vomit coming up, and I have stopped myself from letting it out. My stomach has been messing with me for days, and I do get nauseas from time to time… I was feeling this way before I heard anything about these additional symptoms, and I have seen numerous stories on the news of people feeling this way, and telling themselves that it’s just their nerves only to later find out that they are Covid-19 positive. I’m not a nurse, or Doctor, so I can’t definitively determined what I have, or don’t have. If I’m on a Medically imposed quarantine, they are supposed to be monitoring me, and of course my celly, and the Staff, and Medical Staff, at CCI have failed miserably at this. 

   The Staff at CCI have been demonstrating an extreme lack of concern for our health. Instead of coming to our door to address us personally about why no one has come to see us, they have sent another inmate to talk to my celly, in attempt to pacify him! The Sgt. is passing on her job to an inmate, forcing my celly to talk about his medical concerns, condition, and history! How is any of this right, or ok? 

   WE are just as human, and just as vulnerable to this virus, and any other, as everyone else is, so we need to start being treated as such. We are in such confined environments; if one of us gets sick, we all get sick. It happens ALL the time. It’s not a matter of “if one of us gets it” but what are they going to do when it hits in here? Leave us all to die? 

   It’s been three days, and no one has asked me anything, or come to see us. How much longer to we have to wait?