Phone Zap: Retaliation against 9 people at Prairie Du Chien

Please take two minutes to help with a phone zap, to support people facing harassment from guards for trying to improve conditions at Prairie Du Chien Correctional Institution.

To participate in this phone zap, call the Prairie Du Chien security director Russ Bausch at (608) 326-7828  extension 2300. You’ll either talk with him, his secretary, or his answering machine. If you talk to someone they are very unlikely to answer questions on people’s condition, but calling shows there is outside attention and can reduce retaliation. Phone calls have the most impact, but if you want to email as well or instead of call, the address is:

Sample script:  “I am calling to do a wellness check for the following people at your facility: Carlos Abadia, Chris Merkel, Traegger Sanders,  Michael Vierk,  Paul Streff, Wally Allen, Raymond McClendon, Gregory Balfany and Hildefonso Hernandez,. They have been active in speaking out against problems of asbestos and black mold at Prairie Du Chien, and are facing intimidation and threats from guards at your facility. Any such harassment is completely unacceptable. Can you tell me the current physical condition of these incarcerated people?”

To learn more about issues with asbestos at Prairie Du Chien and the lawsuit incarcerated people are doing against it, go here:

To see how-to guide on phone and email zap, go here:

To see victories that have come about from this tactic (and others) by inside and outside organizing, go  here: