Phone Zap 7/11/19: fight restriction of phone access at Columbia

Please take a moment to help today with a mass phone zap against the Security Director of Columbia Correctional Institution, Brian Gustke. Milwaukee IWOC is working with families who have loved ones at Columbia who are being further harmed by unnecessary restriction of phone contact. This follows an email zap we did on 6/27/19, that involved 53 participants, and has to date received no response.

If you can participate, here’s contact information and a sample script: Call
(608) 742-9100 extension 9145, ask to speak with Brian Gutske, security director at Columbia. If you can’t reach him, leave a message with his secretary. It will have maximum impact if you call between 8 AM and 4:30 PM, but if you’re only able to call after that time, please do. After you’ve done the call, please send a quick email to so we can track participation and assess impact. Thank you for helping out!

Sample script:

“Director Gustke, I am calling today in regards to your new restrictive phone usage for inmates at Columbia Correctional. This is causing very harmful situation, both for the inmates and family and loved ones. The inmates are feeling very isolated from their families and loved ones and all this will do is cause tension and that can be a recipe for disaster. Many of us work during the day and can’t take personal calls so that inmate loses his call for the day and can you imagine how that may make him feel? Frustration is setting in on many of the inmates because of this. So to avoid any potential disaster I am asking that you to restore the phone rules to the way they were before June 3, 2019. I am also inquiring about the inmate that is on a hunger strike James Washington (301901) wondering how is he doing and that  the prison is considering making some changes in light of his hunger strike. Thank you for listening.”

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