Asbestos at Prairie Du Chien Correctional Institution

This post provides information about the issues with asbestos and black mold at Prairie Du Chien Correctional, the organizing by people inside, and ways that people can support these efforts.

From letter sent 8/2/2019:

“Filed a class action lawsuit and emergency  injunction against PDCI for exposing me to asbestos and black mold. This institution is filled with asbestos all over and they continue disturbing it day in and day out, they continue with their remediation work of black mold and asbestos without ever notifying the offender population, when you question them they haven’t a clue that what they are drilling thought and cutting is asbestos and asbestos related product and black mold. I will mail you a copy of the suit, injunction and my complaint to the US Dept. Of Justice disabilities section, right now we are pro we and doing a good job, but we are going to try and reach out to law firms that deal with asbestos and black mold. Honest truth we’ve already breathed that shit in period, most of us will be dead within 15-25 years from now, screw MSDF being shut down this place is more dangerous that MSDF, I’ve been saying this for the longest but no ones paying attention. There is a massive cover up taking place and I want it brought to front and center spotlight, please help us.”

From letter sent 7/15/2109

“1) The civil rights complaint pursuant to Title 42 U.S.C., Secton 1983 against PDCI has been sent out to the Western District Court as of last week. A copy is en route to your attention both to your PO Box address as well as via Peggy West of EXPO. A copy has also been sent to the attention of Maria Perez of JRN (media source) and I would encourage someone from your organization to copy any media (social media or print media) to cover the pending suit as well.

2) The details of the suit argue and allege upon information and belief of the 10 co-plaintiffs who seek class-action status and certification of the suit itself that PDCI has knowingly and continuously exposed offenders and staff to, but not limited to, asbestos, asbestos-containing materials, lead water supplies, lead filings, gross alpha, radium and other poisonous chemicals/byproducts reflecting actions of “deliberate indifference” to these conditions and promoting an environment amongst PDCI staff of a massive cover-up campaign as to these issues. 

3) The suit also alleges the mismanagement of tax-payer funds and a call for an investigative audit of all PDCI financials (inlcuding the process they implement when “fundraising” at the institution) by a private, third-party auditing firm. The co-plaintiffs allege that funds which are supposed to be used to improve offender treatment programs and educational programs (i.e. – AODA, AA, Thinking for Change, College courses, etc.) are being misappropriated and/or misapplied and that this has been going on for several years.”