Support Cesar De Leon: hunger strike against solitary confinement

Starting 8/15/19 Cesar De Leon has been on hunger strike, in protest of his longterm solitary confinement. He has been in isolation for eight years, and has repeatedly organized individual and collective challenges against the abusive practices of longterm solitary confinement. You can help support him by calling Racine Correctional Institution and doing a wellness check. Call (262) 886-3214 extension 0 and ask to speak with the security director. Suggested sample script: “I’m calling to do a wellness check on Cesar De Leon #322800. It would be intolerable if hiscourageous political act against the human rights abuses of solitary confinement lead to force feeding, harassment or any form of retaliation. What can you tell me about the current physical condition of Cesar?”

They will likely refuse to provide any information, but people calling makes an impact. If wish to email as well as call, send the same message to: and bcc so we can track the number of people sending.

To see how-to guide on phone and email zap, see here:

To see victories that have come about from this tactic (and others) by inside and outside organizing, see here: