Report on Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation in the Wisconsin DOC as of March 2019

This report is an attempt to present a systematic investigation of five issues within the Wisconsin Department of Corrections in an attempt to raise awareness and build public support for the plight of those incarcerated in DOC facilities.

The report incorporates public records and other documents obtained by Milwaukee IWOC. The documents directly referenced in the report have been included in this post, though they are often taken from much larger sets of records obtained through public records request. Those full sets of documents have been given their own separate posts and are available for download.

March 2019 report. Download link here.


Supporting documents

2017 Report from the Committee on Inmate and Youth Deaths. Download link here.


2016 Report from the Committee on Inmate and Youth Deaths. Download link here.


2012 Keefe canteen Contract Price List. Download link here.


2012 Keefe canteen proposal reference to Enterprise Car Rental. Download this page here. Full canteen proposal is available in multiple files. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.


August 2015 canteen price from inside. Download link here.


October 2016 canteen price sheet from inside. Download link here.


2018 Union Supply price list. Download link here.


Full canteen price list available here.

Incapacitating agents training presentation. Download link here.


2017 and 2018 annual reports from Oshkosh Correctional (used to document food complaints). Download link here.


E-mails related to foodservice issues. Download link here.