7/11: Phone Zap Against Columbia Correctional Institution

Milwaukee IWOC is calling for a phone zap on Wednesday 7/11/18 against Columbia Correctional Institution for its toxic regulations, which have exacerbated conditions at the prison near Portage, WI. Inside members of IWOC are already engaged in significant organizing and resistance on the inside. More details, sample script and link to statements by Columbia’s prisoners are below.

This is a follow-up to our first email blast against Columbia on June 25, directed at deputy warden Kalen Ruck, and is the next step in a public pressure campaign to address the situation at Columbia Correctional.

Let’s keep the pressure on!

Contact the office of warden Michael Dittman and deputy warden Kalen Ruck at:
(608) 742-9100 extension 9103
Use the following sample script:
“I am calling because I’m concerned about the new regulations at Columbia Correctional. IWOC emailed you details today about specific regulations that are destructive. I also know that prisoners have said that these policies are “exceedingly dangerous
and cause prisoners to be driven insane and put everyone at risk”. Please change these regulations.”

If you are interested in more information on the situation at Columbia and resistance they’ve already done, you can read statements by people inside at: goo.gl/cdnFK2 If you are unable to do a phone zap, it would be useful to repeat the email zap, more details are here:

One prisoner at Columbia described the impact of existing regulations as follows: “They keep changing them all the time and we either don’t know them or the COs don’t know them and implement their own and then write you up for it.” Another said on the policies: “They are exceedingly dangerous and cause prisoners to be driven insane and put everyone at risk.”

The specific policies IWOC is demanding action on are listed below:
(8.2)(E) Conduct reports for minor infractions.
(26)(D) Psychological evaluations are conducted only at the request of DOC staff.
(25.6)(C)(2) Several months wait for routine dental appointments or teeth cleanings.
(9.1)(C) Braids are not permitted on trips.
(43.3) Inmates are not allowed to have in their possession any written/printed material that details fantasy/role playing games and activities.
(43.1) Prohibition of petitions by prisoners
(10.5)(B) Property confiscated as contraband if stored in vacant bunks.
(21.1)(B) Institution does not provide writing paper.

If you have any questions about this phone zap, contact someone with IWOC at: iwoc.milwaukee@gmail.com