Wisconsin Secure Program Facility: ” [3/19/18]

Excerpt from a letter sent 3/19/18 by a prisoner at the Wisconsin Secure Program Facility:

“WSPF is ran and operated by several employees who are related by birth, marriage and adoption! Every employee with the last name Brown and Broadbent and Gouier are related. WSPF is designed for maximum isolation, to keep inmates segregated in single prison cells virtually 22 hours a day and 7 days a week. Rehabilitation is not the goal. The prison administration still operates the prison as a supermax/restrictive institution. WSP does not have any rehabilitation programs for us and the prison conditions are barbaric, cruel and unusual to the safety and well-being of us. And the institution administration takes a year or longer before transferring inmates to another institution who where PRC’d to another institution after seeing the classification specialist! WSPF has a long list of inmates on the PRC transfer list–I mean it’s like over 40 plus inmates on the transfer list with 15% of these inmates being in general population status! And writing to the .Bureau of Classification and Movement director Mark Heise is no help because he don’t like to do his job. WSPF only has two licensed psychologists Dr. Stacey L. Hoem, Phd and Dr. Scott Rubin-Asch, Psyd and three non-licensed and unprofessional and ineffective psychological associates Angela Mink, Maria Lemieux and Ms Cline! However all 5 of these psychologists are unprofessional, ineffective and lazy! Several inmates here at the WSP have caused extreme injuries to themselves by cutting they’re arms/wrists/necks etc and PSU did nothing to help them while HSU sent the inmates off-grounds to the hospital for emergency treatment! This is an ongoing issue here at WSPF and has been since 2013! We need help here at WSPF to get Madison to force our transfers and force rehabilitation treatment.”


Conditions in the Wisconsin prison  system need to change.