Prairie Du Chien: “The staff here enjoy retaliating against inmates…”

From a letter by someone incarcerated at Prairie Du Chien Correctional, sent 5/24/2019:

“The staff here at prairie du chein enjoy retaliating against inmates. If an inmate files an I.c.I a.k.a inmate complaint against a staff or multiple staff for violating inmate rights or violating the duties of a correctional officer the staff will intentionally retaliate on that inmate or inmates.

The staff here at prairie du chein also contradict every rule that is in the inmates handbook of rules. With this being being said its almost impossible to follow the rules due to no one really knows what’s the rule(s) and what’s not.

We can never get straight answers from staff and staff always give be run around or put the issue on another staff to avoid any wrong doing.

This is to cover up any wrong doing and to get the inmate to back away and forget the issue. This makes  the issue even worst than it is. None of the staff want to deal with issues from inmates and will do anything to push the issue off on another staff member find a way to punish the inmate for no particular reason.”