Abuse report at Racine Correctional

From people inside Racine Correctional Institution, received January 10, 2020. “Some weeks ago in the Milwaukee unit Sgt Lincoln had stopped all of the tray assist for the disabled. This was a subject brought to the unit Manager to see what could be done. He said had told Sgt Lincoln that she had the discretion as to who received it or not. So she had a blind inmate get his own tray because he could stand get his own tray. Also a 83 year old veteran who can barely stand on his own. Now these inmates were given back to them. But for those who have walkers have not,even if has serious medical issues. There was a medical complaint by a prisoner, and when Sgt Lincoln found out she apparently contacted H.S.U. and had one of the nurses remove the restrictions. Letting an D.O.C. employee have power over medical restrictions sets a dangerous issue. Should you need this form the D.O.C. does not want any of us to know about..”