Wisconsin Secure Program Facility: “The warden is nonchalant about anything going on here…” [10/24/17]

Excerpt from a letter sent by a prisoner at the Wisconsin Secure Program Facility on 10/24/17:

“Since being here at WSPF I have encountered numerous incidents from staff misconduct, violations of inmates rights and little to zero concern over issues inmates have raised. This place will harm anyone’s mental state. The grievance procedure is bias. The warden is nonchalant about anything going on here. I’ve written to DOC officials (secretary, administrator of DAI) only to be responded to be their subordinates or ignored. I’ve expressed concerns over the water here. The water in cell as well as shower smells when it is put on. During the past few weeks WSPF has not been allowing Muslims the opportunity to have a proper service. It’s bad enough that it’s over a “tele” feed, so if it malfunctions which it has three weeks straight, staff just recently stopped inmates from delivering a khutbah, which is the most essential part of the Friday service. I’m also trying to figure out how WSPF/DOC has authority to house federal inmates. WSPF also has one or two minimum security inmates. WSPF seems to be the only institution where the kiosk is not in place. Maintenance states they’re ready to go, but I don’t know what the hold up is, besides the warden.”   

Conditions in the Wisconsin prison  system need to change.