Waupun: “They leave people naked and let staff walk by like this is some kind of zoo…” [1/29/18]

Excerpt from a 1/29/18 letter we received from a prisoner at Waupun Correctional:

“They have a really poor classification system at WCI and DCI in terms of who they cell people with, if you have an issue with your cell they will not move people to another room with someone else. They try to create hostile environments this way.

The service or complaint system is not taken seriously. I’ve filed over 100 complaints and only had one affirmed, the rest are dismissed or rejected. The one that get affirmed was because the rule-book they use says that a Dr. must see a person that goes on self-harm within 7 days.

The security director T (tony) Melli is stopping people like me from transferring and keeps people in seg longer than others. He will also move some people so they can get tv, radio and stuff while in seg a lot faster than others. They also put a racist white person in a cell next to a black person.

T. Moon (Tonya). Acts like her job is a way to get back at inmates and does everything she can to dismiss the complaints I spoke of before. She we have a paper system vs digital file I had her even claim she “never got” my complaint or paper work on issues I should have won, and then when I refile it will be past the 14 day limit.

They leave people naked and let staff walk by like this is some kind of zoo! It’s a violation of basic human rights.

You spoke o the commissary price hikes. This is also true and without outside money no way to get lots of stuff one might want/need. The real problem is that they have small portions on meals and poor feeding times. 1st meal is at about 7 am then 2nd at 10 am! Then 3rd last meal at 3-3:30. SO if you don’t buy food you have to go 16 hours without eating. Who eat last meal at 3. This is clearly done so people buy food. I’ve heard people say they spent over $100 a month on phone calls.” 


Conditions in the Wisconsin prison system need to change.