Statement on Retaliation against people at Prairie Du Chien

From Carlos Abadia, sent to Milwaukee IWOC:

o this is word for word the statement I gave to Lt. Drazen after your 1st zap,  both security director and Warden were forwarded this for further investigation, but as of yet I’ve not been notified or questioned further & someone needs to answer as to why they (Officer Mueller and Sgt. Suther) falsely accused me swearing up & down that I was on the 3rd floor & that they had me on camera, and the taking and destruction of my property without any notification. That property item was new & legal:
The following was originally written on September 16, 2019 & given a copy to Lt. Drazen:

Mr. Semanko: I’m asking you to please advise your staff to stop harassing me, Charles Henning & Nicasio Quiles, it’s getting old already. On Friday 9-13-2019 Sgt. Suther was working. He searched my cell and took & extra lightbulb I’m allowed to have, but I never rcvd a receipt that it’s down in property in case my current bulb goes out.

On Sunday 9-15-2019 Sgt. Suther/Officer Mueller went in my room again, but I had no clue either one went in there again, I believe it was officer Mueller, I came back from lunch & saw all kinds of books, boxes state clothing, wires etc… it didn’t dawn on me that they came in my room again, took two pairs of state pants away leaving me with only one pair & they also took my ear buds that I ordered with my tablet that has a clicker to start my tablet, not once was I notified, I’m allowed to have 1pr of headphone & 1pr of earbuds. I would like my earbuds back.

Also they accused me of going up to unit 3 on Sunday morning saying we have you on camera, why were you up there. I said “no I have not”, I told them “check the camera”, then they changed the story to, did someone come to the door, and in said look, “I’m not lying I was outside in the courtyard check the camera”  not every black or brown person looks the same.

My co-plaintiff Quiles was also recently retaliated & also we were both harassed last month by your staff and I’m tired of it. Tell your staff to stop harassing , falsely accusing & searching my cell constantly and taking items & not advising me.

I’m also filing an amended complaint to  show harassment , retaliation, intimidation , denial of medical care & much more. The institution is also conducting remediation, disturbing black mold & asbestos having inmates doing the work , unqualified , untrained, uncertified.

Please ask Sgt. Suther & C/O II Mueller to please give me back my earbuds/ property they took plus they left me with only 1pair of pants. This is harassment. It needs to stop.

Part 2 of 3
So what took place is that an officer here at PDCI & an inmate were allegedly confrontational with each other over the misinterpretation of the new telephone system in which neither warden, security or unit managers took the initiative to have this fix & because of their lack of attention & inattentiveness you had guards & inmates bickering over this.  The details surrounding the alleged incident surrounding that inmate and officer is unknown to me, but it was over the  phone because he was calling too much or something. So the guy (Inmate Dean Moe) is in solitary confinement/the hole.  May have to ask or get a copy of the investigative report under open records for this one.

The very next day after the above alleged incident,  Officer Mueller (yup the very same one) began a rampage campaign issuing conduct reports targeting a “specific class” of inmates, while overlooking others.

So here’s the thing, Captain Hassell is in charge of the phone system, but when we try to go to our Unit Manager Kratchey (who’s named in the civil rights complaint as a defendant in which we are now resubmitting to the courts in 3 different civil rights complaints) she basically wants nothing to do with it, giving full discretion to Officer Mueller, so now officer Mueller is on a rampage while Ms. Kratchey and the administration here has fell on deaf ears and turning a blind eye.

Under the old phone system (and old phones rules) once you were done you had to wait an hour before you got back on the phone and the phone was set up under a timer, so even if you tried getting back on the phone before the hour was up, you couldn’t because the recording would come on & say you’re not allowed to use the phone until such and such time. But you wouldn’t get in trouble for checking at what time the system would let you make a call again.

When the new phone system came into effect all went to hell, as there was no timer and just last week they put a timer on the phone (“after” the alleged incident between the officer & inmate Dean Moe an older gentlemen)  the “new” 15 minute timer was instituted the next day, but no one told us about it and no memo was posted on unit one (which is my unit)  So when I was done with my call then I couldn’t  get back  on the phone until after 15 minutes later at least that’s what management led us to believe as all inmates were under the impression that the one hour waiting period was no longer in effect because of the 15 minute timer. Now please beware that no memo was never posted by any Sergeant, officer or staff about any of this on unit 1 or 2!!!! When I spoke to unit manager Kratchey about it not long ago she said I don’t recall posting no memo, what memo, what’s the date on it.

Now the old phone system you could make as many attempts as you wanted & there was no reprecautions , but under the new phone they (management) are “now” saying only 3 attempts and  saying if you do not get through after the third attempt including when the phone doesn’t recognize your voice you must wait 15 minutes before you try again after your 3rd attempt of not getting through (and this is no where in the old rule in which Sergeants keeps saying “it’s in the rule book” but here’s the thing”no one” ever posted this so called ghost memo) that you must now get off the phone & wait 15 minutes before attempting to call again, and if you get through you must wait an hour before getting back on, meaning. But management has led every inmate to believe we could use the phone every other 15 minutes. But conduct reports are being issued to only some, not all.

On 11/10/19  Officer Mueller (The one whom everyone had also phone zapped here about in the past, because her & Sgt. Suther had falsely accused me of being on the 3rd floor adamantly swearing up & down they had me on camera & then searches my room takes all my state greens and leaves me with one set of green pants for 5 days & takes my earphone buds without ever advising me, throws them out, it was suppose to be looked into but nothing as of yet.) meanwhile she gets to run around with no reprecautions in sight. So she calls me and issues me a conduct report and says I’m offering you 7 days loss of phone, I said hell no, I’m not taking any plea bargains & she says well if you fight it you could get more time, I said I’m fighting this I have a right to due process. So I still write my statement, she start rushing me & the statement I write was not written accurately which was suppose to be written to the decision maker (Lt. Brown who’s her buddy in & outside the prison) So the conduct report is written, and the a phone call comes in and a  few minutes go by and officer Mueller comes out  frantically looking for the memo they claim to have posted & she learns that there is non posted and I literally observe her print one out and post it (hide it) inside a binder, then I get found guilty by Lt. Brown who is also Mueller’s friend. All of this resulted from the “alleged” events that took place between the officer & inmate Dean Moe.

Other guys who were issued conduct reports were offered 3 days loss of phone, others were warned or counseled, but non of that took place with me or Mr. Castile or the “specific class” of individuals they were targeting.
Mr. Castile received 3 days loss of phone & he made just as many if not more phone calls & attempts than me. Others received no conduct reports & made more attempts & just as many phone calls as me, but  nothing happened to them (attempts means that you tried to call but the system doesn’t recognize your voice & this is an increasingly growing problem in here because of the phone not recognizing your voice you can’t dial out)  As a result I can’t talk to my love ones for 7 days as I do on a regular daily basis because these people can’t tell which way is up or down & you got some power hungry people like Officer Mueller who lie & back herself up with more lies, harassing, taking & destroying inmates property items with no warning, due process or nothing. There are quite a few Security supervisors that are untrustworthy to conduct any kind of  investigations as they are very bias & in my opinion culturally insensitive & always finding inmates guilty & taking the sides of officers and without proper investigation.  

Officers are not documenting when or advising us if & when warnings are ever written to us for anything & people like: Chris Merkel, Traegger Sanders, Michael Vierk, Ray Quinn, Paul Streff, Wally Allen, Raymond McClendon, Gregory Balfany, Hildefonso Hernandez, Jerry Lee just to name a few, (Terrance Davis had a problem with Sgt. Suther not long ago because Suther tried to fire him and then duct his work hours) are now either having problems with officers like officer Mueller who is the main person, many of us are left here asking why is it she can lie, harass & make things up, but guys will not file complaints because the ICE always find a way to dismiss or rejects all complaints. Everyone of these individuals I just named therein should at the least  be questioned individually, especially, for example Officer Mueller who accused Michael Vierk of hitting Ryan Quinn which was proven untrue yet nothing happens to her. Security supervisors don’t even know about this incident she tried to accuse them of.  Then the other day Officer Mueller was trying to punish & harass Raymond McClendon, Mr. McClendon stated that the Captain (Captain Ayers)  corrected her who was wrong, but again consequences for her actions, NONE!!!!. She sits there thinking it’s funny & cute to draw on windows, drawing pairs of eyes, & snowman’s, rainbows, butterflies ect… & does things she should not be doing like slamming doors & all kinds of weird stuff. Or she’ll come out to watch TV in the day room (which she shouldn’t be doing as she’s not here to watch TV)  so she’s out there & trying to be all nice & trying to conversate with some of the inmates, well they ignore her because of how she is (meaning calm one moment & trying to be cool) & she’ll leave & not even a minute or two goes by & she comes back like a hurricane yelling & screaming about how one is sitting on the chair), or yelling come get your mail, for example she calls mail & because I didn’t pick it up exactly when she announced it she has a fit, so when I go to pick up my mail she yells I didn’t call mail, I’m like you just did and she’s having a moment or something and I say keep my mail, throw it away or I’ll get it tomorrow I really don’t care, well she has an even bigger fit about it, and I walk away and ignored her. I mainly got sick and tired of her calling me all the time asking me to do this, and that, and help this inmate with this and that. I’m not here to do her dam job.  Myself & everyone else just try to avoid her. I don’t trust her at all and neither does anyone on the unit (units 1+2) that she works in. There has never been any serious problems or problems until she began working here. In the end there was never any phone problems, no arguments nothing, we pretty much had the sense & respected each other, it wasn’t until the incident that took place between the officer & the inmate (Moe) that quite a few guards, not all of them,  became vindictive. Oh, BTW Durango Castile was taken to segregation/the hole because of the phone. Supervisors here are quick to lock someone up with out even asking questions, believing the officer every time, not realizing the illusion. I wasn’t going to say anything about any of this, but officer Mueller is doing whatever she wants and all I can do is say something whether or not an investigation is warranted is beyond me, but in my opinion an investigation should take place or both sides need to sit down and work it out, which I tried on my end , but she just kept saying rule book, rule book, rule book and I guess for me I’ll respond with the following:

I’ll see you in court, yup I’m filing a certiorari action in court and let’s not forget executive order directive #43″