Red Granite: “Staff belittle inmates all the time with no punishment….”[3/19/18]

Excerpt from letter by a prisoner at Red Granite Correctional, sent 3/19/18:

“I’ve been incarcerated since Nov. 2013. Since then the DOC policies have changed a lot. Since I’ve been at RGCI, the staff removed horse shoe pit. Has never since I’ve been here allowed inmates to buy or have salt. It’s considered contraband. If you go to seg you get a celly, if you refuse a celly, you automatically receive 120 prc to max… They are being denied staff lies on tickets & they’re presumed to be true, and inmates are screwed on tickets. Staff belittle inmates all the time with no punishment. It’s not right. Pennies an hour just for the state to take most of my pay. Medical goes through a Dr. Every few months and nurse are always coming and going. The staff are taking more meds away due to misuse by inmates. Sucks for all the others who need it.”

Conditions in the Wisconsin prison  system need to change.