Fox Lake: “They feed us less and less everyday” [9-18-18]

Excerpt from letter by prisoner at Fox Lake Correctional Institution, 9-18-18. (Ryan Rozak #488882, who gave permission for his contact info to be publicly posted)

“Fox Lake Correctional officers or staff are opening up my and other
inmates legal mail in the mail room here at Fox Lake Correctional
Institution and the mail staff plus warden Randall Hepp. Deputy Warden
Randt and L. Bartow, the Institution complaint examiner and M. Patten
old institution complaint examiner captain B. Mlodzik also security
Director Marle Schomisch…This facility shouldn’t be running. The
water is  bad, the food is bad. I won my water lawsuit against Fox
Lake and more inmates are suing them over that. The medical here is
horrible as well…They feed us less and less everyday. Fox Lake seems
to run out of ice everyday some C/Os shut the machine off to be

Conditions in the Wisconsin prison system need to change.