Decarcerate Wisconsin!

Wisconsin currently spends about $1.5 billion dollars on its prisons, incarcerating people at around double the rate of nearby states. Despite this high cost, inmates in Wisconsin prisons often lack sufficient medical care and food, much of which is purchased with money sent from friends and family on the outside or with the inmate’s own meager wages ($0.20 – $0.80).


But statistics do not adequately capture the dire circumstances many prisoners face. This site is an attempt to give those most affected by abuse and mistreatment in Wisconsin prisons a chance to explain the day-to-day reality of inmates behind Wisconsin prison gates. It is also a platform for people to help support the organizing inside that it happening against these conditions.

Prison slavery is one of the  most extreme forms of exploitation in existence. We are not lobbyists, and we make no alliance with any political party. Instead we focus on communicating with people directly effected by these conditions. People on the inside are fighting prison slavery, and we can support their efforts. Whether you live in Wisconsin or not, there is plenty of things you can do to help the work along.

  • Answering correspondence from prisoners in Wisconsin
  • Transcribing letters
  • Helping with phone and email zaps
  • Outreach
  • Assisting with research.
  • Help with our Voices newsletter.
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